Metal Fabrication Specialists – A C E Stainless Fabrications

Metal Fabrication Specialists – A C E Stainless Fabrications

An Overview of the Metal Fabrication Process

Metal FabricationA lot of work goes into the metal fabrication process! This brief overview gives an idea of what we do here at A C E Stainless Fabrications:

Step 1. Checking Raw Materials

There’s a range of different raw materials we use to create our quality products, most of which consists of plate and expanded metals, metal beams, and other stock. We ensure that all the raw materials we use are of the highest, strongest quality so that the products we supply to our customers are the best available.

Step 2. Cutting and Machining

Cutting and machining metals involves hi-tech equipment at our workshop just outside Derby city centre. Precise measurements and stringent quality control have to be maintained so that the finished product not only looks attractive, neat and well-crafted, but also that our fabrications are safe for their intended use.

Step 3. Welding

Welding is the most important stage of the metal fabricating process, and requires a lot of careful attention to make sure the task is done perfectly. When welding is done in a safe, clean environment, as it always is at A C E Stainless Fabrications, the resulting products are strong and perfectly suited for their intended use. Our team of trained experts use only the best possible quality materials and equipment.

Step 4. Final Checks and Assembly

After the welding is complete, the entire item will then be sandblasted and finished, whether powder coated, painted or polished, and checked. We take care that every necessary health and safety check is strictly adhered to for our clients’ piece of mind and for the safety of those who will use the products we provide.

Of course, there’s a lot involved in metal fabrication – but this should give an idea of how it’s done. We hope you’ve found it helpful!


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